You have clients or foreign visitors in France? Offer them a high-quality service. Reserve a mobile phone for them:
They will know their number before arriving.
A stylish and top-of-the-line Nokia, compatible across France and Europe.
Free incoming calls; special rates for outgoing calls.


Offer your customers this service:
Whether phone rental is expected or not, you can offer this high-quality service.
Don't hesitate to contact us about this service at 0820 320 812

  • Luxury hotels
  • Embassies - Expatriates
  • Trade shows - expositions - meetings - seminars
  • Sporting events:
    • Tour de France
    • French Open
    • Monaco Grand Prix
    • French Grand Prix
  • Cultural events
  • Film shoots
  • Airport welcome - car rental
  • Recruiting
  • Building sites or highways
Phone + SIM card, SIM card only
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Phone + SIM card, SIM card only
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Satellite phones
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WIFI router
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