Wifi routers 3G +  

Share your connexion easily with your collegues or friends unti four users maximum by router wherever you are without any sofware installation. Find out more about our wifi router .Your Wifi router will be delivered to you when and where you want it in France.
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You'll have an unlimited connection to:
-access your email and attachments
-surf the Internet,
-access your data and your company's intranet, your customer files, stocks, presentations
The Wifi router connects directly to your PC and needs no formatting.




Rental fees wifi router Wysoo MR600

   Rental fees  wifi router Wysoo MR600
    week (7 days ) - unlimited connection
    (each following day billed on a prorata basis)
150,00 € HT
   Month (28 days  ) - unlimited connection
   taxes non included
250,00 € HT

Main Characteristics router Wysoo MR 600

  • Connetion by WIFI
  • No formating
  • distance maxi until 70 M
  • Sim DATA
  • Weight : 275g
  • Dimensions 133×90×24mm
  • Wall charger

Down payment

A €500 down payment (not cashed) per laptop, payable by credit card, will be required and returned once the material has been returned to EUROTEKNIC and all bills paid.


Be sure that the region you want to communicate in is covered by the 3GG+ network and EDGE. Contact us at 0820 320 812


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