To rent, you must determine what material you need (phone and SIM card, SIM card only, satphone, DATA internet card, mini PC with DATA card), when you want to rent, an address for down payment and billing.
You must confirm your reservation by filling out the reservation form which you will find in the RESERVATION tab on the upper right of your screen.
In return, you will receive by email your reservation confirmation and we will deduct down payment in order to confirm your order.


Individuals, professionals, companies, artists, associations, governmental organizations - everyone!


The earlier you book, the greater your chances of obtaining the material and services you require.

Ideally, try to book one month ahead. That way, you'll have only the reservation form to send us, along with the required papers.


The material will be delivered to you, along with the prepaid return label with your specified date and address indicated on the reservation form.


When your rental period is over, all you have to do is stick the return label on your package and drop it off at any post office.

NOTE: The dropoff date at the post office signals the end of your rental period.


A down payment is required for each new rental. It guarantees payment of your telephone bill and return of the material in working order.

Damaged or non-returned material will be billed according to the value of its replacement; the equivalent of its sales price including tax and the final price will be deducted from sums returned to you.


 What to do in case of theft, loss or damage.

You may purchase a non-mandatory insurance policy when you reserve your material. This covers damage or theft of the rented material, and costs 1.50 € per day for each terminal rented. The insurance covers the value of the rented terminal.

If damaged, you must provide a written declaration and post it by registered mail within 48 hours.

If stolen, you must provide a written declaration on letterhead stationery with the renting company's name, along with the original of a declaration to the police. This must be provided within 24 hours.

Not purchasing the insurance implies that if the rented material is lost, damaged or stolen, the renting party will reimburse the value of new replacement of the material or pay the equivalent of its sales price, tax included.

SIM and DATA cards cannot be insured and will be billed if they are damaged or not returned.


Consult our General Conditions of Sale


If you don't find the answer to your question, contact us by phone on 0820 320 812 or use our contact form.

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Phone + SIM card, SIM card only
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