All rentals imply unrestsricted acceptance of our general rental conditions and our current prices. The renting party declares knowledge of these. All rentals must include an Order from the renting party and a down payment by credit card on account against billing when renting party is not a referenced customer or has no account with us.

For non-referenced clients, EUROTEKNIC reserves the right to accept the rental upon financial review of the file submitted by the renting party.

EUROTEKNIC promises to deliver to the renting party the material in perfect working order to the address stipulated by the renting party. It is the renting party's responsibility to verify that the material has arrived in working order and to insure sufficient coverage of the operator's network in the geographic zone in which the terminals are to be used. The renting party must inform EUROTEKNIC of all material used outside France, and indicate the country of destination.


By the present contract, the parties choose as headquarters the sites of their respective companies. All litigation that may arise between EUROTEKNIC and the renting party will fall under the exclusive juridisdiction of the Paris Tribunal.


The equipment is controlled by our services before every departure. From the moment when the rented equipment is taken care,it is recognized in perfect working order. The renting party can refuse the equipment only in conformance with a nonconformity to the specifications.
All the damage caused to the equipment has to be the object of a mail recommended with acknowledgement of receipt under 48 hours sent to EUROTEKNIC.
The renting party makes a commitment to proceed to no modification and no repair of the rented equipment. Any breakdown to the normal functionnment of the equipment or has a technical problem cannot engage the responsibility of EUROTEKNIC.
EUROTEKNIC makes a commitment to proceed to a standard exchange after announcement of the malfunction by fax.
EUROTEKNIC cannot be held for responsible of the damages arisen during a bad shippingof the equipment.
The non-use of the equipment rented as well as its not functioning with terminals others than those proposed by EUROTEKNIC cannot give rise to one


The rent comes into effect in the daytime of the rent party takes the equipment and finish in the day of its reinstatement in our office. In case of delay in the return, the rent party has to inform EUROTEKNIC. The days of delay are considered as days of rent. No contesting can be retained after a rent


Our prices are in exclusive of tax and except shipping costs. The reserved sale prices are the ones current at the time of the recording of the order. The shipping costs and return of the equipment are chargeable to the customer and are charged in supplement of the price of the rent. They are accepted without reserve by the rent party during his reservation and established according to the weight and the geographical zones of expedition.
A prepayment by credit card, the amount of which is established on the commercial conditions, is asked. It confirms the rental agreement before the delivery of the equipment. The prepayment will come in deduction of the sums owed by the renting party subject to the complete returnof the equipment and its smooth running.
The renting party is indebted of the rent, the costs of expedition and of return, all the sums of communication including those who would arise in the future, of all the expenses bound to the rent during its duration such as specified in the article 3.EUROTEKNIC reserves the right to charge the renting party to any spending serving to cover the expenses which she would have to engage due to the negligence of the obligations of the trenting party.
For any motive for refusal of equipment or cancellation of order not in compliance with the present measures, the renting party will be indebted of the completeness of the sums bound to the signed rent.
The charged amounts are payable entirely and at once for every customer having no opening of account. For the customers having made the opening of an account, the payments are made in 30 days.
In application of the article L441-6 of the commercial law, penalties of delay are due in the daytime according to the date of payment appearing on the invoice in the case or the due sums are paid after this date. The rate of these penalties is of twice the legal interest rate.


The renting party certifies to be able to use the rented equipment and makes a commitment to use it for his own use . Of express agreement between the parties, the loan or the subletting of the rented equipments is strictly forbidden.
The customer makes a commitment to use the equipment rented with caution, without danger for third parties, according to the user guide builder, technical specifications and regulations in force.


EUROTEKNIC would not know how to be responsible for delays of available funds due to reasons independent from its will, in particular in the event of an accident, from delay in the returns of equipments of the previous rents, from modifications of the regulations, from cases of absolute necessity, from strike etc.
However, in these cases of unavailability, EUROTEKNIC will propose, according to its stocks, an equipment of superior or equal quality for the same price. The delivery dates are given as a rough guide.


The renting party makes a commitment to clean the equipment and in the state where it was when he took up it. Any reserve on the state of the equipment is exclusively the competence of EUROTEKNIC. The renting party makes a commitment to pay the expenses of repairs, cleaning or replacement of the rented equipment whatever is the cause of the repairs, except those due to the normal wear. The repairs will be exclusively made by the renter out and chargeable to the customer.
All the equipments,and the accessories the repair of which turns out technically or economically impracticable must be paid by the renting party to the price of the replacement value for nine is the equivalent of the sale price VAT included.
The renting party is responsible for damage caused during the transport until reception in our premises.


Any modification of scheduled dates has to be transmitted at least 3 days before the date of the service. For lack of this advance notice, an amount of 30 % of the service will be due. In case of cancellation of the rent, the deposit will be transformed into an allowance of cancellation and will be kept by EUROTEKNIC if the cancellation intervenes less than 3 days before the date of rent.


EUROTEKNIC must be immediately advised of any claims or complaints which arise during the rental contract period in order that a solution be found as soon as possible. At the end of the contract period, claims or complaints must be addressed by registered mail within one month after the end of the rental date to EUROTEKNIC-Service Clients- 28 boulevard Pereire 75017 Paris

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